“When the United States sneezes, the world catches a cold.”

This international finance seminar began with a simple question: What are the global implications of the 2008 US Financial Crisis and Recession?  The roots lie in the United States’ economic troubles, so what caused them? As economists, analysts, legislators and the general public scramble for answers, it seems that everyone is in the dark, with no more a grasp on the causes than on the solutions.

This work was conducted by the Spring 2009 Econ 482: International Finance class at the University of Mary Washington.  (Excellent technical assistance was provided by the wizards at DTLT.)  We are a class of 14 hailing from backgrounds in economics, business, international affairs, and finance.  The class includes:

  • Jaclyn Evans
  • Erin Beddingfield
  • Margaret Graybeal
  • Caitlin Graybill
  • Kendall Jones
  • Hosan Jeon
  • Joseph Mundy
  • C. Blake Murray
  • Erin O’Donnell
  • Sarah Restaino
  • Anne Spillman
  • Sierra Stoney
  • Michael Warlick
  • & Dr. Steven A. Greenlaw

The original analysis was done during the Spring 2009 semester; the analysis was revised and published online during Summer 2009. While the academic year is over, the shocks to financial and economic systems have not fully played out, so we will continue this analysis until they do.

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